When he started towards her it was like it was in slow motion and everything went into a tight focus. When he moved his feet forward, her whole body tensed up. She could not feel anything from her chest down. Everything was focused forward, watching him progress towards her . Her vision was focused on his face. She couldn’t tell what he looked like at that moment, neither could she hear anything, not one thing.

It’s how the human mind reacts when faced with a life-threatening situation; it drastically limits the range and amount of information that we have to deal with. Sound and memory and broader social understanding are sacrificed in favour of heightened awareness of the threat directly in front of us.

She shut her eyes tightly as he pointed the gun at her. She saw her parents lying dead on the floor, bodies dotted with bullets, drowning in their blood. She pressed her eye-lids tighter just as he squeezed the trigger, and she woke up to the sound of her phone ringing loudly beside her.


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