I have been away from here for quite a while; maybe it’s because I’ve been working on publishing my first book…hmmm, how convenient. I have recently tagged myself the ‘Prodigal Writer’. In all honesty, I think I’ve just really become a bit lazy. It’s not the type of lazy that stinks of complacency, no; it is of the form that comes with increased responsibility and a certain reluctance to adjust the allocations of my time.

You see, I now report daily at an office building, and work 9-5. I immediately remember how I always said I would not do such, but I’ve had to rescind previous dispositions not on the grounds of survival, but on the grounds nearer to passion and interest.

Of a truth I have been working on getting my very first book published. It’s been about three years since I first made attempts to publish the book. After a while I put the thought aside and I look back and I see how much it has told on my craft. I now have a series running that I write one part every other month, partly because I have less time to write and partly because I spend little or no time consummating with the characters and plots of the story.

So, it’s been three years since I wrote Dappled Things. I am happy today. You know that feeling when you have longed for something, tried so hard and it just always seemed to evade you, and then just at the point where you have nearly put such desire in a zone, a way shows up and the desire is brought back to full life. I am at that place. And you know what is sweet about this place? You realize that it requires so less effort now than it did at the time you thought you needed it most! This is reminiscent of the idea behind the cover design of Dappled Things: we are ‘stained’ as much as our circle of experience and time expands. We are stained by pain, by failures and mistakes, by lessons learnt…we are stained by hope.

Dappled Things Cover
I am happy. It took a lot of courage to take this one step and stand firm to say that this dream had tarried long enough, and it has to happen now!

I am still the Prodigal Writer, not because I have lost love for the Art, no, Forbid it Almighty God. I am the Prodigal Writer because I deprive you, constantly, of the essence of my craft. I have separated you from the richness that I have to share from the depths of my heart. I am sorry…I am finding my way back to you. Give me time.

Remember Sunshine? I hope that when Dappled Things goes out, it will cause her to shine more, and I will be gracious enough to share her glow with all of you. There is so much to shine forth, thanks to her eternal richness of light that can never be diminished, no matter how far I stray, she always finds a way to illuminate my path and lead me back to her precious side.

So, watch this space closely, Dappled Things is coming to you soon. It is my first full work that I give to you, and it is also a seed that will yield a forest of words, compositions and constructions in form of stories and articles for you and you alone. Let it inspire a certain appreciation, relevance and reflection of life. Let it feed you with new perspectives and become a companion for you in many ways.

Thank you for being part of my story so far…please hang on tight as we take this turn, forward, together, you and I.



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