Dave’s stare shifted from Nike whose mouth didn’t stop moving, to Kunle who kept stealing glances at him, and then to Juwon who seemed to be the most pleased about Nike’s presence at the dinner table. Juwon laughed out loudly at Nike’s jokes, and when she wasn’t laughing at her jokes, she would caress Dave’s arm as she stared at her with a certain fixation – a look of adoration.

That was the first time Dave met Nike, at the dinner he had planned to ask Juwon to marry him. But it wasn’t really the first time he was seeing her.

Kunle was mostly calm and quiet, except when Nike’s jokes were so funny then he’d let out an exaggerated chuckle, and that was it. Something about him suggested that he really wanted Dave to believe that he and Juwon had only explored love within the boundaries of friendship, and nothing more. He wanted so badly for Dave to accept that he was not a threat to his relationship with Juwon.

Dave took a row call with his eyes going around the table. He looked at Kunle who had been gazing at him. He held his gaze for a short while, until Kunle yielded and resulted to playing with his fingers. Next stop was Nike, something about her naturalness and free spirit made him sceptical, like she was acting some rehearsed script. If that was the case, she was certainly a damn great actress, he thought….

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