He was going to propose to her. He had everything planned out. The engagement ring, the restaurant, his line; every aspect was considered and taken care of. He called her to confirm the meeting, she had tests in school the next week, but they agreed that he should come pick her up by 7 pm that evening.

Juwon met Dave about a year ago, at a seminar in the University. Dave was a guest speaker and Juwon kept asking very brilliant questions, he was impressed and asked to answer all her questions over lunch. She agreed, and the rest is history as they say.

One year after, Juwon is in her final year studying Economics at the University of Lagos. In a couple of months, she and her best friend, Kunle, will become graduates and go on to pursue their individual dreams. They had been great friends for a while. They grew up together, attended same schools and always enjoyed each other’s company. They never saw each other beyond that point of being ‘just friends’, but it was hard explaining so to everyone, every time.

Dave knew about Kunle, he knew that he and Juwon were best of friends and he respected that, but he couldn’t deny that it bothered him a little. When he walked into Juwon’s room that evening, he saw Kunle sprawled on the floor in his boxer shorts, with books and sheets of paper scattered about the place. As he was taking that scene in Juwon stepped out of the bathroom with her towel wrapped around her wet body. She smiled at him slightly but he just stared on. She looked around and immediately realised the concerns on his mind at that moment. Dave walked out of the room as Kunle began to put on his clothes and prepared to leave….

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