Try to create a number without using figures 0-9. Difficult? Alright, now try to think of an alphabet outside A-Z. Impossible?

What this establishes is that, as humans, we have been primed in a way that confines the scope of our reasoning within a definite system. We really cannot create anything new as it were, and this naturally makes useless the charge that asks us to ‘think outside the box’.

There is indeed a limit to knowledge and everything else that we have considered limitless, but the magnitude of such is beyond the capacity of human kind. Thus, it is actually the inadequacy of human kind that presents the limits that characterizes us.

Everything is contained in something else, something correspondingly bigger than what is contained in it. In my opinion, there really is no ‘thinking outside the box’, we just don’t know how big the box is. There is also not a chain of boxes of different sizes that one has to keep breaking-out and breaking-in, in a continuous cycle. No. There is ultimately only one box which we all must break out from, willingly or unwillingly, and it is called life.

Life, which is merely a series of interactions on various levels and degrees, constantly exposes us to variations of priming conditions. The outcomes of our exposure to these conditions are what constitute the different classifications of life as we know it.

There really is no box, only priming elements, designed by man and affecting man.

Success or failure then becomes a function of how large ones space is; how broad ones understanding of things is; ultimately how ones ‘system’ is defined, or how well we understand that as humans we are a lot more susceptible to our immediate environment than we can imagine to be.

Ask yourself; is a kid in an ivy-league school really smarter than another kid in a community school in a low-cost area of the state? I think not. However, the results of these kids is merely a reflection of how both students have been primed, thus forming their consciousness and reality, and consequently forming what they know to be the truth.

The child growing up in the low-cost area is constantly led to believe that he can never be better than the child who grew up in the high-brow area of society. He is led to believe that he will always be inferior to that other child. This typically affects his outcomes in all areas of his life. Such that he cannot strife for anything beyond what he knows to be true.

So that phrase, ‘think outside the box’, should actually read ‘expand your coast’ or ‘push the limits of your understanding of things’. This gives a more befitting description of the idea or message to be passed across.




  1. you got it completely wrong scopeman. you are talking the exact point but routing it wrongly… The box is always there and one makes it for oneself.. The box is made up of patterns and sometimes one has to really unwind/unlearn his life’s patterns to arrive at a new solution other than his box suggests.. Try reading books like ‘Lateral Thinking’ and you may come onto the track again.. There IS a box and we have to think outside of it many a time. And I think its a bad example to compare two different school kids to extrapolate a box and its perimeter.. I didn’t get it.. You really have to read that book first. Sorry if I sounded harsh. But yeah! you have a nice way of explaining things.

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