Newton’s third Law of Motion tells us that; for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Which means that if a body A exerts a force (action) on a body B, then B will exert an equal and opposite force (reaction) on A. The manifestation of this Law is visible even in human-human interaction, in fact, it has a general effect on Life and Human existence, but my emphasis is on its physical representation though there is a spiritual dimension also.

Now, as humans, we can only choose our actions but not the consequences of our actions (reactions). An illustration might help here; if Mr A smokes cigarettes; his power of choice only exists within the context of “do I smoke or not”; a possible reaction which may be bad health in form of cancer transcends his scope of choice. He cannot decide what the reactions to his actions are nor can he decide the magnitude.

When forces act on each other, there is always a prevailing force which causes the other force(s) to move in its direction. Same applies to us humans. If we expect a resistance with an equal force as that which we apply, what then is the differentiating factor that brings about a result either positive or negative?

MASS- the quantity of stuff or matter contained in a body, as we were taught in elementary school.

But how do we overcome obstacles that obviously have more mass than we do? I mean clearly a wall has more mass than a man, how does he pull down the wall, say that is his obstacle?

If you are not strong enough, you must be smart enough. Strike first and strike hard. Neutralize all chances of resilience.

Every impossibility is divisible into thirty-nine steps, of which each step is possible. This is the foundation of Achievement. It explains the philosophy of success. If the mind is stunned by the contemplation of the apparently impossible, the body will relax into a sympathetic inactivity. To think of conquest without simultaneously stiffening one’s being into an indomitable attitude would be sheerly fantastic.

The stress is set on action. No matter what may be the degree of the difficulty, a step must be taken. Of course, the step should be as effective as it can be. Divide and conquer. You cannot at one bound ascend to the top a house, but you can get there by the stairway- a step at a time.

The final challenging gesture is what I know to be “SYMBOLIC ACTION”. Recourse to it will explode the impossibility which is of our own imagining. And, on the other hand, it enters in the spirit of faith into dramatic conflict with the genuine impossibility.

In spiritual enterprises there is no telling how much effort is required. In dealing with a soul, at what point can one say “enough”?

For us as individuals, what should constitute our mass is GOD, for a man is nothing without GOD. There is no force in the entire known universe and beyond that can withstand the force of GOD. With him, all things are possible and our victory is sure. Our faith is the Victory that overcometh the world. Fate prevails where there is a lack of FAITH.



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