Meeting someone new is quite easy; it is forgetting the old person that is the hard part. Not many people have the strength to do that, while in other cases, the will is clearly non-existent. Some find it incredibly difficult to agree that it really is over. No one ever thinks it’s going to end, but it does, and more often than not. I mean, the reality is glaring yet they hold on to an idea that has long faded.

The biggest delusion in relationships mostly is, believing that if it isn’t with that one person then it cannot work with another. I am of the opinion that love happens per chance per time. There is not that one person that God made and said that this must be your partner. God doesn’t make husbands and wives, he makes men and women. Whomever we choose to love or fall in love with is purely a matter of choice.

However, this truth is really difficult to convey, much harder to absorb; yet it has to be done. Love is a matter of choice, that truth can’t be emphasized enough. Your happiness is not tied to anybody, but you should cherish and make the best of every moment you spend with whomever you decide to love, whether it lasts forever, ten years or even a moment.

This is not to make you excessively sceptical or hugely insensitive, no; the idea is to prepare you appropriately for outcomes contrary to your expectations. What we must hold to be the ultimate truth though is, Love perseveres, it is people who change.

So, if someone breaks your heart, or has broken your heart, see past your pain, see your power to choose whether to stay languishing in grief while they move on with their lives, or to move on with yours and become a stronger and better person. Do not let huge clouds of loneliness and grief hang over you; otherwise you’ll have a massive downpour of depression.

Things don’t happen just, they just happen. When comfort deepens, darkness flees. Let these words comfort you.  Joy is sometimes a blessing, but it is often a conquest. Seek to live, remembrance is for the old.



15 thoughts on “IT IS MEN WHO CHANGE

  1. So simple and direct, what’s not to get? Scopeman I must say there are still a few who think like you. Love does persevere, it is people who change….True love that is. Romantic love is not a feeling in my opinion, it’s a state of being which transcends events,time and so-called circumstances.
    The very chance to experience this state ought to be cherished regardless of the outcome ( most of us would hope for forever) but crap happens huh?
    Beautifully written, well done.

    • Indeed, the very chance to experience true love should be cherished. I want people to understand that ‘Love’ cannot be faulted, it is us as people that go wrong in our dealings with one another.

      I do hope this answered your question on heartbreak though, as I published this with particular consciousness of your concern, as I said I would.

      Thanks for reading my blog still. Best Regards!

  2. Relationships are highly highly overrated……….men really don’t know a good thing when they see it….you have a lady who gives u her all and then u leave her cause she aint artificial??
    Well, people change..yes!, but seriously…having that one guy and that one lady is true
    And I believe God brings/shows your partner to u

  3. Misconception about L♥√ع!!!! No one Man was made for a̶̲̥̅ woman, loving someone goes beyond sex, α̲̅πϑ Romantic dinner like what most people think, its more of Building!! We need each other τ̅☺ build Йστ only our Lives but our Union. L♥√ع is more than the merry go by story, l♥√ع means given someone something they do deserve. Loving without strings Йστ easy over here. >̴̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴͡

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