Late Obafemi Awolowo said, “I have never considered myself as having a monopoly of wisdom, but the problem is when people in position of rulership and leadership are in clubs, mingling with men of shady characters and ladies of easy virtues, I and people of like minds are in our rooms thinking about the problems of Nigeria and how to find solutions to them.”

Nigeria has been politicized, politics ‘religionized’, while both religion and politics have been commercialized. The truth is that, there is so much pretence and disregard in our society, so much disregard for truth and order. We do not always work hard enough to be better, but we like to appear better than we are. Everybody talks about crime, crime; tell us who the criminals are!

We have been cursed with the reign of gold long enough. Many constitute no proper basics of civilization. The time has come to regenerate the society.

It is clear that simply sopping up red ink by cutting government spending and balancing imports and exports will not deal with Nigeria’s underlying problems. We have to strengthen and diversify Nigeria’s production capacity; improve the level of people’s incomes and the pattern of its distribution; adjust the pattern of public expenditure to satisfy peoples essential needs; provide institutional support for adjustment with transformation.

The worth of economic development is measured only by the well-being of the people. No program of adjustment or development makes sense if it makes people indefinitely more miserable.

Imagine a Nigeria where everything is possible, every height attainable; a system without limitations and barriers; Imagine all our hopes and dreams coming true.

Imagine the possibilities of a doubt free generation… It begins with YOU.



8 thoughts on “TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN

  1. You spoke well.
    We all need to stop complaining and start making a change as individuals .
    When we as individuals change out attitude it will reflect in our community .

  2. Reblogged this on Aturmercy and commented:
    Scopeman, quite concise, bold and candidly written. You write veritable truths which will uplift us a people.

    change begins with you and me. When change occurs in the individual change is noticed in the society.

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