I have often dreamed of a time in the near future, when my struggles are memories, and my dreams are my reality.

It is every man’s desire to be happy, but sometimes we seek happiness in the wrong places, more often in the wrong people. I have learnt to follow my heart and trust that the Spirit will lead me to make the right choice.

Sometimes I have mistaken my mortal yearnings for His holy will for my life. Those times I was chastised and put in the right path once again. I understand that whom the Lord loves, he chastises.

As time moves on, our yearnings and desires change. We realise how we didn’t die because we didn’t get the things we thought we couldn’t do without, and also, we realise how wrong we were about some seemingly ‘perfect’ choices we made.

It is most times difficult to accept a conflicting option to be the ultimate choice, but eventually we have to come to terms with the fact, besides, it is always for our own good.

Sometimes also, life pushes us past wants and goals. It is at those times that we are closest to immortality. But nearly dying changes little or nothing; actually dying changes everything. We should learn to let go of self and fall into new vistas of possibilities. I always say that the possibilities are intense, only execution now requires corresponding dedication.

But time seems to have lost its potency. Only dreams and memories now exist. That space in-between – the process – is almost excusable. I fear that I might be wrong here, but it is how I feel most times. Time used to be that aspect of nature that prevented things from happening all at once, recently, it doesn’t seem to be doing so. Hence, my open declaration of thought on time’s ‘impotency’. But time is not such an easy concept to explain or contain in such deprived descriptions.

People wake up everyday, hoping to change their world. Some never do, but I will change mine.

Eventually, we realise that no matter how much we change, we still have to pay for the things we did, or didn’t do. Like misappropriation of time and perhaps resources.

Our passion is our only permission. It is the emotion of the spirit. Let us live passionately or not at all.




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