It’s Complicated: a phrase that suggests the inability of ones external environment to understand one’s internal confusion, or a similar drafting, really.

It’s complicated. That phrase is heard and read almost everywhere these days. It is beginning to seem as if ‘complicated’ is the new cool and I think that is so not cool. The vigour with which some people insist that the rest of the world does not and cannot comprehend them or their situation is amazing. There is the misconception that the more complicated you present yourself to be, the cooler and more attractive you are, which is simply sad.

Do you know why a compass has a mirror? It’s so you can see who’s lost; but in this case, confused. However, the issue is not whether or not people can be genuinely complicated and their situations likewise. But there comes a point where you ought to forget your delusions and accept how truly pathetic you are; that is if you insist on feigning complicated. Otherwise, you should seek clarity and find it, then begin to enjoy your life while it lasts.

I told Sunshine that the basis for ALL forms of complications is insincerity. If we can relate with ourselves and the rest of the world in sincerity, then there can be no complications. Truth breeds clarity. Clarity inspires contentment. Contentment precipitates happiness. Happiness yields peace.

I echo the words of George Eliot when I say, “this is life to come, which martyred men have made more glorious for us to strive to follow. May I reach that purest heaven, be to other souls the cup of strength in some great agony, enkindle generous order, feed pure love, beget the smiles that have no cruelty, be the sweet presence of a good diffused, and in diffusion ever more intense. So shall I join the choir invisible whose music in the gladness of the world.”

Being complicated is not cool. Define yourself and be happy with who you choose to be. There ain’t no other lifetime but this.

I am not complicated…ask Sunshine, she knows.



7 thoughts on “IT’s COMPLICATED?

    • It’s sad that the world lacks sincerity, but the least we can do as individuals is to be true to oneself….I’m glad you enjoyed this. Regards!

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